VitalFit x TB12™ Perform & Recover Set

VitalFit x TB12™ Perform & Recover Set

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Our VitalFit x TB12 Perform & Recover Set includes two supplements that can help you reach your potential now, and extend your prime. Perform is made from ingredients shown to support energy, focus, and mood. Recover is made from ingredients that may support a healthy inflammatory response, muscle recovery, and joint mobility. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just setting up your home gym, these two supplements are designed to keep your body primed to perform and ready to recover.


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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Elliott
Perform & Recover Set

I recently bought the set and I’m so happy I did. I also bought the electrolytes! I feel like the electrolytes first thing in the morning help with hydration all day and then the set is helping with my mood, energy, focus, and recovery! I love it!

Great products

For someone who works 12 hour shifts in a factory I was looking for something to help me all around. Lifting heavy products the whole shift wears & tears on the body. Recovery has helped me not be as sore. The perform has replaced my energy drinks. Muscle inflammation is down. I recommend the products.

Brian Toler

VitalFit x TB12 Perform & Recover Set

Omar Montoya
Just great

It is amazing how this stuff works im gettin better everytime i work out, and of course the supplements and the pliability helps as looking forward for the next products.

Brian Mouradian
I can now throw a football like TB12!!

Just kidding. But I really do love the vanilla protein, goes great with water and doesn't cause bloating like other protein powders that I have tried in the past.