VitalFit™️ RedRoot

VitalFit™️ RedRoot

$ 40.00

VitalFit™️ RedRoot is an oxygenating, pre-workout powder to help prime your body for the workout ahead. We've combined red-violet beets with raw red spinach to deliver stamina-boosting phytonutrients that keep your muscles feeling fresh and carry you through every circuit, interval, and rep thrown your way. The key to VitalFit™️ RedRoot’s energizing and endurance-building qualities are plant-based nitrates, which counter lactic acid that causes muscle burn and fatigue. Once consumed, these nitrates improve blood flow and transport energy throughout your body, minus tingles, jitters, and a post-workout crash.*

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing but Pricey

If you have the income to afford it this a top notch product. Really feel like I have more energy every time I drink it.


Best pre-workout I have ever used. Energy with no crash


I love it! Great energy without the chemicals!

Love it!

Great taste and good energy!

Perfect preworkout for a healthy pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I would have to give up the preworkout routine I had become accustomed to for something more safe for my baby and was concerned this would deter me from working out for the first time in my life. As an avid fan of both the Patriots and TB I knew the TB12 products were natural and had an ingredients list I could trust despiite being supplements. I also knew that despite the simple ingredient lists redroot claimed to have the ability to fuel both my daily home workouts as well as ensure I was able to continue to meet the demands the military placed on my body daily. About a year ago I begrudgingly switched to VitalFit Redroot, giving up the feeling of my face melting I had come to know and love over years of working out. To my suprise the redroot formula gave me the energy to workout every morning throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period, allowing me to maintain a high level of fitness, continue to serve through my due date and give birth to a healthy baby girl.