VitalFit™ Tart Cherry

VitalFit™ Tart Cherry

$ 45.00

Kickstart your recovery with VitalFit Tart Cherry, a powerful, natural solution to counter the effects of inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage on the body. Restorative plant compounds, unique to tart cherries work fast (1-3 hours fast), help alleviate aches, pains, and soreness—naturally. It all starts with flavonoids called anthocyanins which are shown to help block the same anti-inflammatory enzymes (COX-1 and COX-2) as over-the-counter pain relievers, but with none of the side effects.*

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

I'm a 67 old year woman and specially during the cold months I get those aches and pains that come with aging and arthritis. VitalFit Tart Cherry has helped me with those aches after my daily workouts.

Tart Cherry is amazing

I’ve been taking the tart cherry for two months now. I was on crutches recovering from a foot injury. Being on crutches for 9 weeks was causing pain and irritation in my weight bearing knee. After a few weeks I noticed a difference in the pain and inflammation. Now, my foot is healed and I’m easing back into working out. I take the tart cherry after my workouts. There is little, if any soreness the next day. I highly recommend it!

Tart Cherry - A sweet fix!

I take 1 Tart Cherry Capsule in the morning and one at bedtime and I don’t seem to have any pain from my hip or from other aching parts of my body! Thank you for a wonderfully natural way to handle pain!

Go-2 for inflammation pain!!!

My son and I have used the Tart Cherry throughout his Senior basketball season (2019-2020) to compare with how each other felt. His pain is from the physical training, and my pain is from my Crohn's and Arthritis. I'm 40 and coached volleyball for 18 years, so being educated in how to maintain an athlete's body throughout the years, the Tart Cherry has been an important supplement to aide in recovery for my son, along with my inflammation flareups that are caused by the auto-immunes. We have referred many to add this to their daily regime as well, and get great feedback and many thank you's for suggesting this product :)

Tart Cherry and Recover/Perform

Seems Tart Cherry works for me. If I start the Recover/Perform additions do I still need the Tart Cherry. I am an active 75 year old man. I recently fell and injured my shoulder, hip and knee causing Bersitus (sp?) Your thoughts?