UA Recover Sleepwear Women's Jogger

UA Recover Sleepwear Women's Jogger

$ 80.00

Under Armour’s Recover sleepwear is back and better than ever.  This multi-tasking recovery apparel is infused with minerals that return infrared energy to your body and restore muscles faster. Designed with soft and lightweight fabrics that deliver superior comfort and breathability to help you lounge, relax and sleep -- and get the recovery you need to perform at your best. 

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Customer Reviews

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Brooke Farley

I was thinking that creating socks with the recovery fabric would be a another area to restore and aid healing.

Edith Williams
GREAT Feeling!

Feeling better already. Thank you so much. I never thought it would work, honestly, but the joint pains I have been having are slowly subsiding! Thank you TB12 for such a great product!

Sooooooo comfortable

I slept like a baby last night! Great.

Erim Hoffman
Missed the mark

I enthusiastically ordered this recovery sleepwear. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the way the recovery lining the inside of the fabric feels against my skin. I also wound up peeling it off from getting too hot. Now, I use it as lounge ware not for sleeping.

Recovery PJs

This is my second pair. These pJs really do work. However my first pair I got from under armor website a year ago soooooo soft. This new pair direct from TB12 is not as soft. The material doesn’t seem as high quality. It has the same tech and works, but just wish it were softer.