TB12™ Starter Home Gym Kit

TB12™ Starter Home Gym Kit

$ 265.00

Our TB12 Starter Home Gym Kit gives you everything you need to start living the TB12 lifestyle – and set up a great home workout space! A curated assortment of Looped Resistance Bands and our easy-to-use Door Anchor let you bring TB12’s functional strength & conditioning exercises home with you. We believe pliability is the key to performance and longevity, so we’re letting you choose which pliability device you want in your kit: our Vibrating Pliability Roller or Vibrating Pliability Sphere. Our classic TB12 Electrolytes round out the kit and will help you enhance your hydration as you put your new TB12 home gym to use.

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Getting back after it

As a former paratrooper, I was used to working out with an intensity daily. However as life happens and I got older, busier between work and 3 kids finding the time to workout and recover was difficult. Before this gym/ program I would work out with kettlebells and sandbags with that same paratrooper intensity, but realize the 42 year old version doesn’t bounce back like the 22 year old version. I would end up injuring myself and then not working out. After finding this I’m able to push myself follow the pregame from the app whether I’m at the house or traveling for work, and the best part is pliability work before and after that allows me to stick with it. Now after a work out I feel that I have worked my muscles but not to the point where I can’t move the next day. Because of that I go back for more I’m now on week 5 of the metabolic program in the app and love it. This is a great product that paired with the app give you everything you need to do the work!


TB12 Starter Home Gym Kit

Peter’s Starter Kit Review 1

Hey TB12,
Let me say that the starter kit is great. Love it. However I have some suggestions. You don’t put in a hard card that would show potential exercises that one could get started with on the straps. Its like here you go ….. now what? If I did not have the TB12 book with tom on the cover, and reviewing that exercises in the various chapters that cover upper, core and lower body sections, I wouldn’t know what to do. Also I went on line to try and figure out how to install the door mount, and the small straps and how to use. I guess what I am saying is some sort of starter “Sheets” to go with the set would have been helpful.
Also the door mount does not work with my doors in AZ. We have 8 foot doors as we have high ceilings and the strap is not long enough. So that piece is unusable at this point. I submitted a concern to you all asking for a small extension but I guess there isn’t one that is available. So that piece of my $250 kit is not working for me. Can I trade it for something else? I just feel like you sent the kit without any instructions and pieces that don’t work. It’s too expensive to be that.
But I am working the exercises from the book using the straps and have put together a good workout format that I am building on. I used to be a workout instructions years ago and weights were the thing. Now I have to get my mind wrapped around a new format and thinking and I like it.
Hope this helps. Call if you want to chat more. Pete 623-313-0133

Needs More Instruction

Wish that there was some kind of pamphlet or manual that came with the bands. Just the bands in a box. Would have been nice to have some sample exercises..