TB12™ LFG T-Shirt

TB12™ LFG T-Shirt

$ 30.00

We’ve brought back our original LFG T-shirt right when we need it most. Make a statement in our Limited Edition TB12 LFG T-Shirt, now available in two new colors in celebration of Tom’s unforgettable season in Tampa Bay.

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My favorite shirt !

Awesome quality! Do not change suppliers!

I have ordered a number of t-shirts, sweatshirts, electrolytes and snacks. All products have been superior in quality and shipped timely. Please, please, please do not reduce the quality of the products and by all means do not outsource to Fanatics. You guys are doing a great job with great products, don't change anything and keep going. #thenextone "pursuitofeight

Love it..

Love It!!

The Best

Hi, I'm a Dallas Cowboys Fan, but I'm also a Tom Brady Mega Fan; for a reason. It is congruent between what he does on the field of play, how outside the field.
I made a purchase of their shirts and the shipment to Mexico, had problems. I wrote to them and they sent me the shirts again, I mean, that's the kind of service you expect when you buy something.
Consistency is the foundation of success and you have that.
My son plays American Football, here in Mexico. Like me, he is also a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, but he has been inspired by everything that Tom Beady has done, on the field of play.
Now he's trained hard to become a QB in the NFL and the only thing I can do is support him in everything.
His biggest example now is Brady, he does his diet and exercises.
I am telling you this, so you understand, why I am grateful to Brady. It's kind of congruent and it has inspired my son to reach very high. Surely, I will never meet Tom Brady, but please tell him that he has changed the life of a young man in Mexico and that of the father of this Young Man.
About 7 or 8 years ago, I had cancer and something that helped me overcome it is the way of life of Mr. Tom Brady. Thanks .

Love the shirt!

5 Stars- comfortable and right size. LFG!