TB12™ Electrolytes (30 Servings, Powder)

TB12™ Electrolytes (30 Servings, Powder)

$ 24.00

Staying hydrated means more than just drinking enough water. We designed TB12 Electrolytes to not only taste great, but to help you get the most out of every ounce of fluid you drink. TB12 Electrolytes contain essential minerals and trace minerals that help replenish what you lose through exercise, and our 30 serving tub makes it even easier to lock in your hydration habits!

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Mitchell
Delicious refreshing

Love the flavor and it is so refreshing!! Great for the warm weather workouts and makes staying properly hydrated easy and tastey!!

Ana Koeneke
Flavorful and Supportive

The blueberry/pomegranate electrolytes is awesome. It tastes great and really makes a difference post workout. My body feels refueled and my energy maintained.

Cindy Palouian
My Go To

I've use the powder electrolytes on a daily basis. Both the lemon and blueberry are very good.

David Gibson
Use it daily!

Love it, great for my clean up walks in the morning at work.

Susan Larson
Loved it

I have enjoyed using the electrolytes. As someone who works out multiple times a day outside and needs to refuel often, the lemonade flavor is delicious…not too sweet and I appreciate that the scoop is the perfect size for a water bottle!