TB12™ Door Anchor

TB12™ Door Anchor

$ 30.00

We developed the TB12™ Door Anchor to allow you to bring the advantages of functional movement, sport specific training to your home or anywhere you work out. The specially designed TB12™ Door Anchor lets you get the most out of your workout and achieve the speed and explosiveness you need.

Available with 2 high-strength carabiners, the high-quality, portable door anchor is specifically designed for in-home use and for easy set-up and take-down for use on the road. 

  • Length: 181"
  • Width: 83"
  • Returnable in original, unused condition within 60 days of purchase. Return Policy. Start a Return ​here. Complete shipping/returns policy ​here​.

    functional movement at home or on-the-go

    • 9 anchor points designed for TB12 exercises

    • Easy to install before and after workouts

    • Sewn-in, high-quality metal o-rings for durability and safety

    • Includes 2 high-strength, twist lock carabiners for enhanced safety and ease of use