TB12™ Complete Home Gym Kit

TB12™ Complete Home Gym Kit

$ 450.00

Our Complete Home Gym Kit is the ultimate way to experience everything TB12 has to offer in the comfort of your home. The kit starts with our full assortment of handle and looped resistance bands, coupled with a TB12 Door Anchor to support upper body rotational training, core training, and pliability. We also included 12 packets of our Chocolate Plant Based Protein, one sport shaker, and one bottle of our Unflavored Electrolytes that will help you focus on building lean muscle, while staying hydrated. Finally, a selection of functional pliability devices to best support your recovery. A great value, this fully-loaded kit offers savings of 30% off of the retail price of the individual components.

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Customer Reviews

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great workout concepts to improve daily flexibility vs muscle overbuild

Was looking for a cardio / flexibility workout concept. Who knew it would come from football player? My daily work routine is significant strength weight challenge. Wanted to combine pliability/flexibility with cardio plan. Was presently surprised when discovered TB12 home gym could transport to my residences and R&R home. Good quality materials used. App support is perfect for travels. 60 year old active male with active lifestyle want to power my life into my active planning choices. Just getting started, but confident of the transition and adoption to add to my limited schedule. Well done TB12.

Love the system, pliability ball needs alterations

The system is great and I feel like I am getting great workouts with good progress. The only issue I have is with the pliability ball, it has two hard plastic areas opposite each other on the ball and it tends to slide out when doing work against a wall. Aside from that its fantastic system

Game Changer

The TB12 home gym along with the personalized workouts are awesome! I’m all in on TB12 resistance band workouts now after only 3 weeks of training. Super easy, yet very challenging and helps core strength, mobility and balance tremendously. I am a true believer in hard work paying off. So far, I’m feeling and seeing great results! Thanks TB12. LFG!
Thanks for all the great memories in N.E. Tom!
You are a Legend. 👊🏻


No instructions, examples or guidance. Just a bunch of bands in a box. I found everything on utube and the TB12 app but it is frustrating to open a box that I paid good money for and not receive information. I am very detailed and I believe our body is the most important object on this earth. When you buy a car, house or go to school, they give you information. The information could be life changing for some people. Not mad, just disappointed. This is a last my last effort to save my career in the Military...

Great Set

Really like the TB12 bands and workouts. After 20 years of weight lifting, my body was telling me it is time for a break. I was surprised to be getting such a good workout with the bands and it has been a nice change of pace.