TB12™ Looped and Handle Bands Kit

TB12™ Looped and Handle Bands Kit

$ 95.00

The TB12™ Looped & Handle Bands Kit is the ultimate on-the-go functional strength and conditioning training package, combining Long and Short-Looped Resistance Bands, sheathed Handle Bands and a Door Anchor, allowing you to execute the full catalog of TB12 exercises. Long bands allow for big, fluid range of motion and a wide variety of lower body, upper body and core exercises. Shorter-looped resistance bands can be looped around your knees and ankles and are a great way to add resistance to squats and agility drills. The Handle Bands provide progressive resistance throughout the entire range of motion while adjusting to each user’s natural strength curve. The kit comes with a TB12 Drawstring Bag to keep it all together and a free workout download to help get you started! 

The bands you choose to use will depend on your size, strength, athleticism and skill with the movements.

Level 1: For beginners new to the exercises and those wanting a light workout for active recovery.

Level 2: For beginners and intermediates who have a hand on proper exercise technique and want to take their program to the next level of exercise stimulus and results.

Level 3: For intermediate and advanced users who have mastered form and are seeking heavy-resistance workouts to stimulate maximum results. 

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Store Looped Bands in a cool, dry space. Extreme heat or cold may cause bands to deteriorate or lose elasticity at a faster rate. Under proper care, bands are expected to maintain resistance for 6-12 months based on usage frequency. If you begin to notice any wear and tear, replace immediately to avoid risk of band snapping and causing injury.
Returnable in original, unused condition within 60 days of purchase. Start a Return ​here. Complete shipping/returns policy ​here​.

Level 1 - Best for Beginners. Includes: 3 Looped Bands: 1 Light Long, 1 Medium Long, 1 Light Short. 2 Handle Bands: Level 1 & 2. 1 Door Spine.

Level 2 - Best for Beginners / Intermediate. Includes: 3 Looped Bands: 1 Medium Long, 1 Heavy Long, 1 Medium Short. 2 Handle Bands: Level 2 & 3. 1 Door Spine.

Level 3 - Best for Intermediate / Advanced. Includes: 3 Looped Bands: 1 Heavy Long, 1 Extra-Heavy Long, 1 Medium Short. 2 Handle Bands: Level 3 & 4. 1 Door Spine.

TB12™ Looped Bands
TB12™ Looped Bands